A few thoughts on higher education…

The recent discussions about the quality of teaching staff at universities make us think that other factors determining the quality of education are less important than the quality of staff. In particular, three problems always bother me regarding to this issue:

First, university administration vs. professors: it is widely accepted that administration knows everything better than professors that’s why they are decision-makers on every aspect of education process. They are transforming teaching staff into machines performing just instructions.

Second, many professors complain that their main responsibility is documentation and paperworks, not teaching and research: they spend about 80% of their time for meetings and paperworks.  Teaching, education and research are becoming secondary duties.

Third, distribution of class sizes is not based on the rational justifications. The standard of distribution of classes applied for economics students must be different from the standard applied for engineering students. Subjects are not homogenous and estimation of the effect of class size optimization on the budget and quality of education must be the important area of research.

It seems to me that everybody is aware of these problems, but doesn’t want to raise them publicly.

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